Albümdeki Parçalar

01. Awara Hoon (I Am a Rogue. See the Film.)
02. Trois Fois Trois [City Version 3X3]
03. Sitna Lisa
04. Mama O
05. Ovcepolsko Oro (The Dance from Sheep's Field)
06. Kem Kem (How Much, How Much...)
07. VI Bist du Geveyzn Far Prohibish'n? (Where Were You Before Naftule ...)
08. Kaba Mustapha/Valle E Gajdes (Bagpipes Dance)
09. Trois Fois Trois [Version]
10. Yeni Yol (New Way, Mevlani Pesrev, Mevljana)
11. Taxi Driver (I Don't Care) Taxi!
12. Benga Taxi
13. Aj Zajdi Zajdi Jasno Sonce (The Girl Stood in the Meadow and as ...)
14. Anapse to Tsigaro (Light the Cigarette and to Hell With the World)